Foster's Raid: "A Perfect Success"? An Examination of the December 11-20, 1862 Union Invasion of Eastern North Carolina

  • Alan K. Lamm


From December 11-20, 1862, Union Major General John G. Foster launched a major raid on the Confederates from his New Bern, North Carolina base, culminating with the destruction of the railroad bridge at Goldsboro, North Carolina. Foster's Raid caught the Confederates off guard and resulted in the battles of First Kinston, White Hall and Goldsborough Bridge, the destruction of the railroad line and depot in Mount Olive, and the destruction of the train bridge at Goldsborough. Foster labeled his raid a "perfect success." The Confederates thought otherwise. This article examines that raid and its significance on the war in North Carolina as well as its impact on the Confederate management of the eastern campaign in Virginia.

Author Biography

Alan K. Lamm

Alan K. Lamm has a PhD in History and serves department chair of History & Social Studies at the University of Mount Olive, NC.