Hearts and Minds: Race, Sport and Assimilation in the Civil Rights Era South

  • Jeff Frederick


From the article:

Eight years after Brown v Board of Education, only a fraction of southern schools had integrated and a variety of responses from various state governors suggested the pace of change was unlikely to increase anytime soon. Obedience to de jure and de facto segregation was viewed, inaccurately, by whites as proof that blacks loved segregation every much as they did. Even if whites were adamant that businesses, churches, and schools schould not integrate, sporting culture in North Carolina and eventually Alabama slowly created another pathway for social change. 

Jeff Frederick examines stories found in the Civil Rights Era South: aversion to integration; calls to maintain segregation; forays into change often led by sports; interaction facilitated by sports; and paths towards racial assimilation.

Author Biography

Jeff Frederick

Jeff Frederick earned his PhD from Auburn University and serves as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina - Pembroke.