Book Reviews

JNCAH Vol 25 (2017)

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The Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians publishes reviews of scholarly books in all fields of History. 

Charles Cobb, Jr. This Non-Violent Stujf'll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible.
Reviewed by Dwana Waugh

Kimberley Marlow Hartnett. Carolina Israelite: How Harry Golden Made Us Care About Jews, the South, and Civil Rights.
Reviewed by Brian Suttell

Natasha Lightfoot. Troubling Freedom: Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipation.
Reviewed by Jameka Hartley

Crystal R. Sanders. A Chance for Change: Head Start and Mississippi's Freedom Struggle.
Reviewed by Cindy A. Jones

Rachel A. Shelden. Washington Brotherhood: Politics, Social Life, and the Coming of the Civil War.
Reviewed by Anderson R. Rouse

Susan Sleeper-Smith, Julian Barr, Jean M. O'Brien, Nancy Shoemaker and Scott Manning Stevens, eds. Why You Can't Teach United States History Without American Indians.
Reviewed by Timothy Reagin

Jason Stahl. Right Move: The Conservative American Think Tank in American Political Culture Since 1945.
Reviewed by James I. Martin, Sr