"All The Difference in the World: North Carolina and Confederate Blockade Running in an International Context"

  • Joshua Shiver


Joshua Shiver’s research article, “All the Difference in the World: North Carolina and Confederate Blockade running in an International Context,” provides a complex analysis of economic, as well as the study of historical politics at the state,  regional and international level during the Civil War. His work examines a narrow span of time, from the outbreak of hostilities through the culmination of the Civil War, but focuses mainly on the conflicting agendas of the Confederacy, domestic  and international merchants, and North Carolina with regard to conducting trade through the Union blockade of the Confederate coastline. Shiver provides an in-depth analysis of the confrontation with state, Confederate and International  interests throughout the era, specifically with regard to cotton and munitions. He argues convincingly that North Carolina’s role was a combination of self-preservation and servicing the Confederacy during the war, and that through participating effectively in blockade running, North Carolina delayed the end of the Civil War.

Author Biography

Joshua Shiver

Joshua Shiver has an MA in History from UNC-Wilmington, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Auburn University, Auburn, AL.